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14: Adult Role Models

March 12, 2013 |

What exactly is an adult role model? Well, most teenagers just want and need someone to listen to them and occasionally offer advice. Also they look for someone who can encourage them to pursue their passions, listen to their options, problems, and stories without judging them, provide insight when it is needed or is asked for, and most importantly to remind them that they are not alone.

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35: Resistance Skills

January 11, 2013 |

One of the internal assets that is essential to the development of a healthy child is resistance skills. Most people would define this as the ability to “just say no!” and to resist peer pressure from other teens, but resistance skill development begins at a much earlier age.

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Weed-ing out the facts

February 20, 2013 |

Things are changing when it comes to marijuana, especially in CT with new legislation allowing for its medicinal use. Join Dr. Alicia Farrell to “weed out” the facts about marijuana and teens.

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ToPiC of Conversation

January 15, 2013 |

Approximately 40 adults from the communities of Clinton, Madison, Haddam-Killingworth and Guilford left the Morgan School on January 17 with their eyes opened wide to the newest trends in teen substance use.

Catherine Barden, MADE’s (Madison’s substance abuse prevention coalition) coordinator, presented information on synthetic drugs, synthetic marijuana, alcohol packaging that is designed to attract youth, and prescription drug use.

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