You can tell what a community values through the efforts of its local businesses and civic organizations.

From the pizza shop to Clinton Crossings, local businesses have the ability to influence our youth. We encourage them to get involved by welcoming teens into their shops, sponsoring local events, serving or selling alcohol responsibly, or otherwise having a positive and active presence in Clinton. (Happy consequence: social responsibility is good for business too.)

Civic organizations are natural Partners in Community – so we should do more together! By supporting each other’s efforts, we can have a greater collective effect. Drop us a line and let’s see how we can help each other out.

We would love to see every business and civic organization pledge to work together on behalf of Clinton and its youth. Again, acts of participation can be great or small. Our official Partners in Community:

  • Share the mission, objective and activities of Partners in Community (PiC) in Clinton
  • Complete a membership form, permitting PiC to communicate with them via email or phone
  • Do not have to attend PiC meetings, but are welcome to do so
  • May volunteer to work on initiatives, or may be asked to support an initiative
  • Attend PiC events as possible



Are you in?

Let us know if you’re interested in partnering up… or give it some consideration if we approach you with an opportunity. Remember, we are all Clinton.
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Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Join our coalition! We’re always looking for representation from the business and civic sectors. (You too, Government, Law Enforcement and Media!)
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