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“I did then what I knew how to do then.  Now that I know better, I do better.” -Maya Angelou


Marijuana is the “safest” substance to use, right?  Many Clinton teens would say so.  The perception of harm of use of marijuana is very low right now, as our neighboring states legalize its use. Read for more facts about marijuana as well as data about Clinton youth’s use.


In the era of Covid, it is essential that youth understand how unsafe vaping really is.  Clinton teens are vaping in numbers we would like to see decrease.


Underage drinking continues to be an issue in our state and in Clinton.  The numbers of students reporting use is increasing, unfortunately.  Learn more here.

Alcohol and Athletes

Alcohol use has particularly negative consequences on teenagers. The teen brain is not fully formed yet; complete brain maturation is not achieved

Over the Counter Medications

Mental Health

In “normal” times, mental health is a concern, especially for teenagers.  In the pandemic the concern has grown tremendously.  Read here for Clinton’s response and for ideas to help teens.

Family Health

Families have direct impact on their members.  Like a mobile, people are connected to one another and their actions influence each other.  See how this impacts substance use and mental health.

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Youth today face decisions about drinking, smoking, drug use, edibles, oils, medications, driving under the influence, sending photos to friends online, even just expressing themselves online!  If you or a friend is unsure of something, as your questions here!

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