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The #1 prevention strategy for teens in their decision to NOT to use drugs or alcohol was their parents’ well-communicated expectation that they not use as teenagers.

Parent involvement matters. 

Inspiring positive attitudes and empowering healthy decisions doesn’t happen overnight. It happens through thousands of reinforcing experiences over a lifetime. That’s where you come in.

Parents are the greatest influence on children. The boundaries you set are noticed.

As you try to help your child develop who they are as a person, you’re also discovering who you are as a parent. What do you want your children to learn from you? What do you value, believe and will uphold? These are tough questions, so remember that you’re not in this alone.

School Staff, after parents you have the greatest opportunity and ability to influence our youth.

We’re working with Clinton schools to raise expectations for staff and students alike, and using the Developmental Assets model to help inform and shape relationships and experiences that are critical to positive attitudes and healthy decisions.

Neighbors, even if you “just live here”, you have a valuable role to play.

Everyday actions can make a big difference – say “hi” to people you encounter; go to a game or a play even if you don’t know anyone involved; be a good neighbor. These are the actions that create culture. Be aware to what Clinton youth need from their community.

There are many ways that Clinton businesses support prevention of substance abuse.

Hiring our teens and giving them some of their first employment experiences is one!  We so appreciate our businesses that set our youth on positive paths and provide the opportunity for them to earn their own money.  Businesses have also supported PiC’s mission by being responsible vendors of alcohol and nicotine products, refusing to sell to underage customers.  We also welcome donations of time and energy by our businesses in town in all of our activities.  We are fortunate to live and work in a small town where we can all be connected, which is good for business and health!  Finally, although PiC has received funding for prevention programming, not all of our expenses can be paid for by the grant, which has fairly narrow guidelines for expenditures.  Much of our youth programming is run on a shoe-sting budget, with little to no funding for fun things like pizza, tee shirts and give-aways.  Donations from our businesses fund some of those fun aspects of the program, which helps us to attract youth participation!

Research conducted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving informs us that parents remain the #1 reason why young people choose to avoid using substances.  Some youth also do not have positive relationships with their parents, and that is where the rest of us can come in and help.

Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Let us know if you’re interested in partnering up. We’re always looking for representation from the business and civic sectors. You too, Government, Law Enforcement and Media!)

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Current Programs

Ground Rules

Safety is also a collaborative effort. PiC currently works with law enforcement in Clinton to run compliance checks and drug take-back events.

Medication collection and disposal

Most medications that are misused come from the medicine cabinets of family and friends. You can be a partner in a healthy Clinton by PiCking through your medicine cabinet and bringing all unwanted and expired medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) to collections held in October and April at the Clinton Police Department as part of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s national drug take-back program.

Compliance Checks

Random compliance checks help owners of package stores, gas stations, bars and restaurants to identify if any of their employees are knowingly or unknowingly selling alcohol or vape products to minors — and compliance with state laws also means avoiding fines and penalties. In the months before compliance checks, PiC assists with merchant training and information sessions. Police officers and liquor control agents help local bartenders, servers and clerks brush up on their ID checking skills and knowledge of CT alcohol and nicotine-related laws.

Empowered decisions have a domino effect and help to keep alcohol out of the wrong hands. We truly appreciate the efforts of Clinton’s responsible restaurants and shops to keep our young people healthy!

“Engaging and empowering the youth of our community brings me true joy.”

 – Andrea S. Reu, President of Clinton PTA

Still hesitating?

No one needs special skills to be an important part of PiC.  Having a caring heart and an interest in the health of your community is enough! “Engaging and empowering the youth of our community brings me true joy.” – Andrea S. Reu, President of Clinton PTA