Vaping: An Invisible Drug with Serious Side Effects

In the last year the Surgeon General of the United States stated that teen vaping had risen to epidemic proportions and was a serious public health concern. Clinton teens’ use of vape products is no different from anywhere else in the US; we have problem use in town and addicted teenagers.

After intense marketing of their products as a safe alternative to smoking tobacco, companies like Juul and Flame have hooked hundreds of thousands of teenagers on their products. The highly addictive nicotine contained in vape cartridges has trapped teens in an unhealthy and expensive habit. In addition, teens have begun vaping THC using marijuana oils, which has resulted in deaths and lung failures requiring transplants in people as young as 15. This is terribly worrisome trend that Clinton students are supporting.

Vapes are very accessible by teens.  They can either purchase them on their own locally or have older friends buy them for them.

Despite knowing that their parents would disagree with youth, roughly 1 in 3 Morgan students admits to having tried vaping or is vaping regularly.

Approximately 40% of students in 7-12 grades believe that there is no harm in vaping.


In the era of Covid, it is essential that youth understand how unsafe vaping really is.  Clinton teens are vaping in numbers we would like to see decrease.

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