REACT Programs

“I love participating in REACT because I feel like I can make a difference and talk about my opinion and thoughts without the fear of getting judged.”

We offer 2 REACT programs, Morgan REACT for high school students and Eliot REACT for middle school students.

Morgan REACT  meetings:

Next meeting 12/7/21 at 7 PM in Morgan cafe

Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month

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Eliot REACT meetings:

Next meeting 12/14/21 at 6:30 PM at  Morgan.

Meets 2nd Tuesdays each month, except December

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Morgan REACT (“Reality Even Affects Clinton Teens”) is a 100+ member-strong club at Morgan School that challenges all Clinton teens to make smart choices and celebrates the vast majority that do. We have honest conversations about life, stress, substance use, the why’s, the why not’s, what happiness and fulfillment require and what we believe in. We also focus on how we (should) treat each other. We can raise the bar and make our own climate better, we are all having a shared experience aren’t we?

Eliot REACT meets once per month, and includes student sessions led by Morgan REACT members, as well as a parent REACT meeting led by PiC coordinators. Eliot students learn about the importance of developmental assets in their lives, and are taught ways to increase their own assets from Morgan REACT students. Parents also learn about assets and have the opportunity to discuss with other parents ways to both increase and sustain the assets in their children. Eliot REACT members have access to community service and leadership opportunities in the Clinton community, and are visible in these positive roles in Clinton events such as Christmas in Clinton and Family Day.

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Parents and Adults! Ready to Get Involved?

Are you ready to connect with some awesome kids? They will teach you and learn from you, and that’s what community is all about.  It’s a great feeling to know you’re in a positive circle of influence!

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