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REACT: Morgan & Eliot!

Clinton teens: Be heard + take ownership (+ have some fun in the process).

Morgan REACT (“Reality Even Affects Clinton Teens”) is a 85 member-strong club at Morgan School that challenges all Clinton teens to make smart choices and celebrates the vast majority that do. We have honest conversations about life, stress, substance use, the why’s, the why not’s, what happiness and fulfillment require and what we believe in. We also focus on how we (should) treat each other. We can raise the bar and make our own climate better — Attitude is contagious.

Check out some of the stuff we do:

◊ Haunted Hallways- fund raiser to donate money to Clinton Social Services.  Also is a huge leadership skill bulding event.

◊ Suicide Awareness & Prevention- annual week long awareness campaign at Morgan to help peers understand suicide and know resources for help

◊ Medication Take Backs – REACT members dress as zombies outside the police department every October to draw awareness to the importance of turning in unwanted medication.

◊ Leadership skill development workshops- speakers and activities during meetings assist all ages of REACT in building healthy decision making skills, resistance skills, positive peer interactions, and understanding their impact on others.  We have had speakers on LBGTQ+ issues and substance use, vaping, policy and law creation at the state capitol, marijuana, underage drinking, drinking and driving, advocacy, and risk taking.

◊ Christmas in Clinton- Annually the Eliot REACT members offer the “Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt” during Christmas in Clinton and staff “Santa’s Workshop” in the 1620 House.

◊ Influencing action planning of PIC- REACT members attend all PIC meetings and have influence over the action plan.  Without their input, the action plan would be much less relevant and impactful.

◊ Mentoring peers- Morgan REACT members attend every meeting of Eliot REACT and serve as positive role models.

◊ Conferences –

REACT members also have plenty of opportunities to develop as leaders — by taking the lead on REACT events, serving on the PiC coalition, volunteering with other collaborating community groups, attending national conferences that focus on eliminating underage substance use, developing the new REACT clubs at Jared Eliot and Pierson Middle Schools [link to Fall 2012 recap blog post] and more. So pick a passion and roll up your sleeves!

Eliot and Pierson REACTs meet once per month, and include student sessions lead by Morgan REACT members, as well as a parent REACT meeting lead by PiC coordinators. Eliot and Pierson students learn about the importance of developmental assets in their lives, and are taught ways to increase their own assets from Morgan REACT students. Parents also learn about assets and have the opportunity to discuss with other parents ways to both increase and sustain the assets in their children. Eliot and Pierson REACT members have access to community service and leadership opportunities in the Clinton community, and are visible in these positive roles in Clinton events such as Christmas in Clinton and Family Day.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Kelley Edwards, PiC coordinator at 860-664-1142. The more members the merrier!

Who is Felix?

In the larger community, REACT focuses efforts on exposing the great things teens are doing. Society can be so focused on the negative that sometimes it’s hard to see the positives, and members of REACT really try to shine the light on all of the positive.

Via a social norming campaign named “Felix”, REACT demonstrated to the Clinton community in the spring of 2012 that if one looks hard enough, one can find many incredibly good things being done by youth. Felix and REACT celebrated the healthy things kids are doing in Clinton with scavenger hunts, cupcakes, a Morgan assembly, and other activities.

Using data from the Search Institute survey conducted in grades 7-12, Felix taught Clinton that the majority of teens are making excellent decisions.

Teen leaders wanted for the PiC coalition!

Come lead the conversation for a healthier Clinton. You know best what pressures and realities Clinton teens face, and what community members can do to help. Be a key voice and make decisions that will positively impact your peers and our entire community.

Learn more  or contact Kelley Edwards, REACT advisor at