Alcohol: A Multigenerational Issue

Underage drinking has been a topic of concern for generations. In Clinton the numbers of teens drinking is rising slightly in the last couple of years. Alcohol is accessible, “legal”, and seen by many as a tolerable “rite of passage” for youth. While the majority of Clinton parents do not give alcohol to their children, some do or simply look away when it is present.

Perception of harm of use of alcohol is decreasing. This is concerning!

Only 65.5% of 7-12 graders in Clinton report that they think use of alcohol could harm them. This is an indicator that we could see an increase in use of alcohol for the future.

Clinton students report that friends and siblings over the age of 21 are their main source of alcohol.  Some students steal from their parents’ bottles too.

Student use of alcohol jumps sharply between 8th to 9th grades every year we survey.

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking continues to be an issue in our state and in Clinton.  The numbers of students reporting use is increasing, unfortunately.  Learn more here.

Alcohol and Athletes

Alcohol use has particularly negative consequences on teenagers. The teen brain is not fully formed yet; complete brain maturation is not achieved

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