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Eliot REACT 5 – 8th Grade

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    REACT stands for Reality Even Affects Clinton Teens, and is a drug free, youth leadership club for Clinton youth in grades 5-8. It is advised and run by Morgan REACT mentors and PiC staff.

    About REACT

    Eliot REACT meets once per month, and includes student sessions led by Morgan REACT members, as well as parent REACT meetings led by PiC coordinators. Eliot students learn about the importance of developmental assets in their lives, and are taught ways to increase their own assets from Morgan REACT students. Parents also learn about assets and have the opportunity to discuss with other parents ways to increase and sustain assets in their children. All sessions utilize “experiential learning” where the students take on challenges and games which are then processed as a group to help them derive understanding and information. The challenges and games are designed to be fun, interactive, and to develop connections between group members. The processing component helps the students to discover their leadership qualities and preferences, to understand how they tend to interact with others, and to assist them in taking healthy risks. Eliot REACT members have access to community service and leadership opportunities in the Clinton community, and are visible in these positive roles in Clinton events such as Christmas in Clinton and Medication Take Back Events.

    Eliot REACT’s Latest Events

    Our Next Meeting

    March 22, 2022

    April 12, 2022 (different date because of April break)

    5:00-6:00 PM

    Town Hall Annex (48 E Main St)

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    1. Students will understand the developmental assets and how they relate to healthy lifestyles and choices.
    2. Students will be aware of the role of each asset in their life, family, school and community.
    3. Students will recognize how they have influence within each asset, and how they can actively influence change for the better.
    4. Students will develop and sustain positive relationships with Morgan REACT students and PiC staff.
    5. Students will leave group able to have meaningful discussion with their families about assets and healthy choices.

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    Join Us for a REACT meeting!

    It’s easy to join Eliot REACT as a parent or a student! You’ll need to get in touch with the staff at PIC. If you are interested in any of the REACT groups, please contact Shelby Mehmet or 860-664-1142.

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