Inspiring positive attitudes and empowering healthy decisions doesn’t happen over night. It happens through thousands of reinforcing experiences over a lifetime. That’s where you come in.

Parents: You are are the greatest influence on your children. The boundaries and example you set are noticed. As you’re trying to help your child develop who they are as a person, you’re also discovering who you are as a parent. What do you want your children to learn from you? What does that mean you value, believe and will uphold? These are tough questions, so remember that you’re not in this alone.

Youth: Let’s have honest conversations about what happiness and fulfillment require, and what you believe in. Let’s also talk about how we treat each other. You can raise the bar and make your own climate better. Start with your school and it will spread to the community. Attitude is contagious.

School Staff: After parents, school staff (teachers, administrators and coaches) have the greatest opportunity and ability to influence our youth. We’re working with Clinton schools to raise expectations for staff and students alike, and using the Developmental Assets model to help inform and shape relationships and experiences that are critical to positive attitudes and healthy decisions.

Neighbors: Even if you “just live here”, you have a valuable role to play. Everyday actions can make a big difference – say “hi” to people you encounter; go to a game or a play even if you don’t know anyone involved; be a good neighbor. These are the actions that create culture. Learn more about what Clinton youth need from their community and how you can do your part.