Come lead the conversation for a healthier Clinton. Your voice and your support are welcome, wanted and needed.

Partners in Community is an open membership coalition for both youth and adults in Clinton. All members come to the table as equals, with equal voices and equal contributions. We meet every month to discuss substance use issues within our community and seek ways to promote health and reduce harmful behaviors.

We represent 12 sectors in the community: youth, parents, business people, media, school representatives, youth-serving organizations, religious groups, police, local government, medical practitioners, civic group members, and others that are involved with reducing substance use.

Coalition Members make a formal commitment to support our collective efforts. Learn more about member expectations and get involved! 



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Why we do it:

“Engaging and empowering the youth of our community brings me true joy.” – Andrea S. Reu, President of Clinton PTA

“The reason I joined the coalition was that I firmly believe in the power of committed people coming together in unity to find every way possible to keep the families in our Clinton community growing healthy in body, mind, and spirit.” – Nancy Williams

“As a parent and member of a civic organization I wanted to be part of a positive movement to help our community do something to help our young people make healthy decisions.” – Diane Neri

“I see God at work bringing people from all segments of our community to strengthen families and support our kids.” – Pastor Ryan Young

“It is my honor to coordinate the Partnership for Success grant for PiC. Clinton is alive with greatness and incredible people that make a tremendously positive impact upon one another. It is very rewarding to be a part of Clinton growing healthier and more connected!” – Kelley Edwards




[divider] Coalition members 2019-2020 [/divider]

David Melillo 
Clinton Human Services Director

Kimberly Inglis
Friends of Clinton Youth & Family

Bianca Arias

Marc Goldstein
CCSU Coalition Evaluator

Melanie Eliot

Shelby Mehmet
Coalition Coordinator

Chief Vin DeMaio
Clinton Police

Pastor Ryan Young
Living Rock Church

Sandra Neumann
Parent, Scouts

Jennifer Caprio

Lourdes Rojas
Shoreline Community Women

Kelley Edwards
Coordinator, Partners in Community

Sarah Auletta

Stacey Watruos

Andy Buccaro
Treatment, Project Courage

Shelby Auletta

Lois Ruggiero

Jenna Kareliussen

Addison Auletta

Benjamin Auletta

Corp. Spencer Mangs
Clinton Police

Keri Hagness
Principal, Morgan School

Susan Cockley

Tracey Leary
Pharmacist, Parent

Erin Gaudet

Marie Pinette

Jill Paglino
Human Services Program Coordinator

Cheryl Church
Social Services

Elizabeth Smith

Sydney Robison