The town of Clinton is pretty awesome – in past, present and future tense.

We have a rich history that deeply influences our vibrant present. As Clinton celebrates its 350th anniversary in 2013, Partners in Community will be actively supporting town events aimed at bringing us together.

One important thing to remember: the story of Clinton is still being written. What we do today (and every day) matters. So let’s celebrate where we’ve been with a steadfast commitment to where we’re going — It’s what will make Clinton awesome for generations to come.

Check out our community calendar of events:




This is our town

Download a copy of the poster designed by Clinton native: Chris Piascik.
[button link=”https://clintonpic.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/pic_poster_final.pdf” size=”small” target=”blank”]Our Town: Clinton[/button]

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