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It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we get together.

There are a lot of ways to help each other and build community — from talking through issues in youth development and substance use, to promoting safety, to just carving out time to be together. All of these work to create a culture of understanding and responsibility.

Join us. It’s good stuff.

Current programs

  • ToPiCs of conversation (formerly Sofa Socials and World Café)

    Building a healthy community means two things for all of us – working together and learning as we go. Join fellow Clintonites – parents, police, clergy, businesspeople and the like – throughout 2013 to discuss issues that impact us all. From alcohol to stress; we’ll share stories and solutions as we continue to connect, talk and take action!

  • Ground Rules

    Safety is also a collaborative effort. PiC currently works with law enforcement in Clinton to run compliance checks and drug take-back events.

    Compliance Checks

    Random compliance checks help owners of package stores, bars and restaurants to identify if any of their employees are knowingly or unknowingly selling to underage drinkers — and compliance with state laws also means avoiding fines and penalties. In the months before compliance checks, PiC assists with merchant training and information sessions. Police officers and liquor control agents help local bartenders, servers and clerks brush up on their ID checking skills and knowledge of CT alcohol-related laws.

    Empowered decisions have a domino effect and help to keep alcohol out of the wrong hands. Last year, 16 out of Clinton’s 18 package stores, bars and restaurants passed a compliance check by not selling to minors. We truly appreciate the efforts of Clinton’s responsible restaurants and shops to keep our young people healthy!

    Medication collection and disposal

    Most medications that are misused come from the medicine cabinets of family and friends. You can be a partner in a healthy Clinton by PiCking through your medicine cabinet and bringing all unwanted and expired medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) to collections held in October and April at the Clinton Police Department as part of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s national drug take-back program.

  • Community PiCnic

    We love our town and witness real greatness happening here every day! Let’s get together, share a thumbs-up and a sandwich, and celebrate that we are all Partners in Community. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket and join us for an afternoon of awesome activities – live music, a raffle, games and more!

This is our town

Download a copy of the poster designed by Clinton native: Chris Piascik.
Our Town: Clinton

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