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Over the Counter Medication: Easy to Abuse

Many students believe that because a medication is prescribed by a doctor it must be safe. As a result, OTC and Rx drugs are commonly misused and can lead to tragic consequences.

Over the counter (OTC) medicines like Benadryl, Nyquil or Robitussin are easily accessible by teens and commonly used to get high. Using other’s prescribed medications like ADHD stimulants or pain controlling opioids is also happening in Clinton. While not as popular as marijuana or alcohol, these practices can lead to far greater tragedies for Clinton teen

81% of Clinton 7-12 graders see using prescription or over the counter medications as risky.

Clinton students report accessing prescription drugs from friends (54.5%) and family members (36.4%). This emphasizes the need to keep all medications locked up and out of reach.

89% of Clinton 7-12 graders state that they felt their peers would disapprove of them using OTC or prescription medications.

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