PiC recognized three Clinton residents for their tireless commitment to prevention!  Volunteer Erin Gaudet has donated a multitude of hours to prevention, working with REACT and PIC in addition to serving as the Chairperson of the Human Services Advisory Board!  Erin is passionate about prevention, mental health, and supporting our youth.  PIC also recognized the Auletta twins, Ben and Addison, for their work in educating their peers on vaping and mental health this year! Ben and Addison are so creative with videos and social media! They both took part in a four day camping, hiking and canoeing excursion with REACT, and we look forward to the upcoming year with them!!!
The Annual Michael BonTempo Jr Prevention Award is given in memory of Eliot Middle School Health Teacher Mike BonTempo, who was a founding member of our community coalition back in the 1990’s.  The 2021 winners of this award are Bianca Arias and Dylan Ayer, who contributed to the success of prevention and REACT throughout 2020 and 2021.  Their efforts to be role models and to educate their peers on mental health and substance use facts were creative, determined and impressive.  Congratulations to all o
f our award winners!