Positive family communication is a young person and her or his parent(s) communicating positively, and the young person is willing to seek out parent(s) advice and counsel. This asset also goes hand in hand with Asset #11: Family Boundaries. Family boundaries occurs when the family has clear rules and consequences, and monitors the young person’s whereabouts.

This means that the family is close and communicates positively, but they do not pry and mistrust one another and the youth feels comfortable in the family situation. A family can easily promote this asset by simply spending more time with each other and sharing events about their day or even sharing how they feel. The family can even take small trips together or devote a a little bit of time a week to be together. The family can sustain this by continually spending time together and cooperating and trusting one another. The month of July is a good time to take action and come together as a family. Clinton hosts several family events such as Clinton Family Day on July 20 and Family OlymPiCs on August 13. Promoting Assets 2 and 11 is not difficult and it will certainly bring your family closer together.

Authored by Morgan Junior, Jessica Accetta