Things are changing when it comes to marijuana, especially in CT with new legislation allowing for its medicinal use. Join Dr. Alicia Farrell to “weed out” the facts about marijuana and teens.

Marijuana has been decriminalized in CT, legalized in other states, is considered medicine by some, and comes in synthetic form known as K2 and Spice. Times and perceptions are changing, and there’s a lot for adults to learn. Join Dr. Alicia Farrell, PhD in the Westbrook High School Library on March 25 at 7pm to get answers to these questions (and more):

  • How potent is today’s marijuana compared to the 1970-1990’s?
  • How does marijuana affect teenage brain development and are those effects permanent?
  • How and where do parents draw the line with substance use?
  • Is marijuana addictive?
  • Is marijuana a gateway drug?

Sponsored by Westbrook High School PTSO & open to the public