Malone’s Sandwich and Coffee House owner Sue Mugavero makes a superb cup of coffee and a delicious panini sandwich, but her contributions to the Clinton community go far beyond our taste buds! Partners in Community is honored to have Sue as a partner in encouraging conversation and connection between Clinton residents.

Name: Sue Mugavero

Business: Owner, Malone’s Sandwich and Coffee House

How are you a partner in community? By owning a coffee shop I provide a homey environment for people to gather and socialize. The community comes here to reminisce and reconnect with one another. Malone’s is also a meeting place for town groups and organizations to plan and host their events to better the town of Clinton.

Why do you feel it is important to get involved? It is important to get involved because everybody needs help. My parents would always volunteer their services and through them, I learned and wanted to donate my time and become involved in the town. There is a sense of accomplishment that goes along with helping others, especially if you hope as I do, that what you are doing will be learned and continued by someone else, and then they can pass it on to others as well.

What do you hope to contribute or accomplish? I hope by opening Malone’s to the public and to town groups that people will in turn want to donate their time to help people within the community. I hope they love Clinton as much as I do and hope to continue small town pride and accomplishment.

If a sandwich were to be named after you, what would it be called? My sandwich would be called the Dessertwich because I love desserts, and what better way to eat lunch than with a peanut butter chocolate chip and fluff grilled panini?