Clintonite Jane Scully Welch is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating change in our community! She is full of energy, ideas, commitment and heart. A Morgan graduate who made a life here in Clinton, Jane is undeniably an incredible Partner in Community.

Name: Jane Scully Welch

Title: The Pretty Committe co-founder with Harriet Juel and Donna Marcinak; Clinton 350th Committee

How are you a Partner in Community? I love this town and want to help it become GREATER. Getting all Clintonians to respect each other, to work together, to have pride in our town and to all do as much as we can to see Clinton reach its potential. We have a great history, and our present is a work in progress. If we all get in this together, Clinton’s future will be GRAND! Now is the time!

Why do you feel it is important to get involved? I like to say part of a quote from Hillary Clinton: “It takes a village…” How true those words are in so many parts of anyone’s life! One person cannot steer Clinton into being a prosperous, exciting, healthy and happy town. Everyone must do their share by doing things like voting, shopping local, getting active in town commissions, clubs, events and CARING! I cannot be the Pretty Committee by myself, I need my fellow Pretties! Willie Fritz cannot run the Town on his own; Pete Neff cannot plow the roads of the Town alone, he needs his crew! We are all neighbors and we need to watch out for our elderly and young, our kids and policemen, our shop keepers and our professionals. It takes a village to keep us on track and I am part of this village! I am happy to be keeping Clinton on course any way I can!

What do you hope to contribute or accomplish? I want no littering. I want a cost effective and energy efficient new Morgan School. I want people to appreciate the beauty of our Indian River as you look southward towards the Harbor and the Sound. I want to help people in the town to look for the beauty in Clinton, the river, the Harbor, the old beautiful homes, our Town Hall, our open land and our beaches. Too many people look at the negatives and I want people to look for and see what Clinton can be… and it will take all of us to do that! I want to help every step of the way!

If Ben & Jerry’s named an ice cream after you what would it be called? “Passion Fruity” because I am passionate about many many things and a little fruity at the same time!!