Shelby Church spends nearly as much time at Morgan as does Keri Hagness, the principal! Shelby’s commitment to making her school and town great places to be is unmistakable. Shelby leads with a quiet but powerful manner that has shaped REACT, Partners in Community, and the Morgan School!

Name: Shelby Church
Business/School: The Morgan School
How are you a partner in community? I am a vice president of Morgan REACT, a member of the PiC Promote committee, President of Student Council as well as part of various clubs at Morgan, I represent Morgan on the Clinton Board of Education, and I volunteer at St. Mary’s and Clinton Youth and Family Services and with Peer Advocates.
Why do you feel it is important to get involved? I think it’s really important to be proud of the community or communities you are part of. By getting involved, you are putting yourself in a place in which you can shape your community and make it somewhere you can be proud of.
What do you hope to contribute or accomplish? I hope to instill more community pride in Morgan and in Clinton, and maybe even inspire a few people to do the same.
If Ben & Jerry’s were to name an ice cream after you what would it be called? Probably something silly like “Chocolate in the Veins.” I like chocolate.