In the summer of 2012 while most were considering which sun screen to apply, the Pretty Committee of Clinton approached PiC staff members to suggest a Christmas-time partnership with REACT.  As usual, the Pretty Committee was doing a great job thinking far ahead to their December plans for the highly popular Christmas in Clinton!

Throughout the fall months, REACT members planned for an exciting activity for Clinton’s children to enjoy during the Christmas in Clinton celebration.  REACT members created a “Find Felix and the Elves” game, complete with clues to 6 locations of the Elves and Felix and craft prizes!   REACT worked alongside the Christmas in Clinton committee to coordinate the game with other ongoing activities.

On the afternoon of the event, Clinton was flooded with exuberant children and parents in search of hidden friends!  Participants followed their playing card directions, moving up or down Main Street, obtaining holiday themed stamps for each elf they found from REACT volunteers.  The locations of the elves took families through the gingerbread house contest, the fire house, post office square, the games at Pierson’s lawn and finally to a face-painting mecca at the Church of the Holy Advent.  More REACT volunteers were stationed here to assist students with craft projects and to collect the stamped cards.

REACT members had a great time interacting with the event attendees!  It was fun to see the delight and excitement on the children’s faces (and sometimes the adults’ too) upon proudly presenting their game card at the end!  Participants young and old remarked how this was the most well-attended and enjoyable Christmas in Clinton yet!  We can’t wait until next year to offer more scavenger hunt REACT fun!