The hallways of Morgan reberverated with music, laughter, hippity hops and “swimming” at a substance free party called Spirit Night, a long standing Morgan tradition.

On Saturday April 13, REACT gave life to a Morgan tradition that had been temporarily on the back shelf- Spirit Night! From 7:00 PM until midnight, students enjoyed all sorts of entertainment from pizza to ice cream sundeas, hippity hop races to a blow-up obstacle course.
The highlight of the night was an unprecedented performance by Morgan band Summer Came Slowly. The 65 attendees danced and sang along with the band in the Morgan auditorium, then adjourned for a Capture the Flag game, quiet guitar music in the gymnasium, and a competitive Just Dance tournament! There was basketball, Finding Nemo and X-Box for others to play and watch, and a serious group of “Head Bands” players occupied the front lobby!

REACT proudly hosted the event, offering each participant a REACT draw string back pack and a REACT water bottle. Participants all had some laughs and seemed to enjoy this substance free tradition, which REACT plans to make an annual event.

spirit 6

spirit 7