Can’t remember the last time you heard good news about a teenager?  Tired of hearing news reports that depict only the negative?  Then FIND FELIX!  You’ll feel better, optimistic, and just plain proud of the kids in Clinton!

Who or what is Felix you say?

Felix is a 4 foot tall, amorphous, white and black creature that was created by the 2011-2012 REACT club. Felix is REACT’s physical representation of all of the healthy choices young people are making.  Arriving in Clinton in April 2012, Felix initially appeared in well-known spots like the Clinton beach and the marina.  Residents were encouraged to find Felix, take their pictures with him and submit them as entries into a scavenger hunt to win prizes.

A week later, a mysterious “62” appeared on Felix’s body!  Residents were left guessing what that number might mean: was it the year Morgan was built?  Was it how many students smoked cigarettes?  Could it be how many days of school were left?  Each guess also entered residents into the raffle for prizes, and the responses were ultra-creative!

At the end of Husky Helper (community service) Day in May 2012, Felix’s meaning was revealed.  The 62?  The percentage of Clinton students choosing NOT to drink alcohol.  Other important statistics were also shared this day: 77% of students stand up for things they believe in. 78% are involved in regular community service.  72% do not give up when things get difficult.

REACT and PiC want Clinton residents to recognize and celebrate the majority of young people not using drugs or alcohol; they are doing community service, playing sports and music, and doing fun, positive recreational activities.   Clinton should feel proud as the students make this town strong, vibrant and energized.  The next time you meet a young person, ask them to tell you the great things they are involved in.  Chances are, they will be able to fill your ear with the healthy choices they are making- because the majority of them really are.