Partners in Community (PiC) pledges to uphold the values of:

Positivity – Clinton youth and adults are doing a lot of things right. We want to celebrate that. By shining the spotlight on positive people and decisions, we encourage, empower and support the values of the majority, rather than giving disproportional attention to and inflating the perceived normalcy of negative behaviors.

Honesty – At the same time, we need to address the reality of attitudes and behaviors in Clinton that detract from a healthy community – both within the youth and adult populations. Knowledge and dialogue lead to understanding and power. We want to empower Clinton, and that means having honest and open conversations with each other.

Respect – Essential to any productive dialogue is respect. We may not always agree (youth with adults, or peers with each other), but hearing each other out and keeping the goal of our conversation in mind will help keep channels of communication open and productive. If respect is not present, that opportunity will be lost.

Inclusion – Everyone in Clinton is invited to the table, and everyone has an equal voice and ability to get involved. We are not only comprised of educators, parents, youth and youth-serving organizations, but also an array of community members who simply want healthy youth and a healthy Clinton. Know that your presence is welcome, wanted and needed. This is our Clinton.

Come lead the conversation for a healthier Clinton. Your voice and your support are welcome, wanted and needed.