After a year hiatus due to Covid, Morgan REACT’s Haunted Hallways returned with new members, new scares and a new pathway through the school.  Recreating horror films such as It by Stephen King, the Conjuring, Nightmare on Elm St, and Slenderman, Haunted Hallways brought a crowd of roughly 375 people out on Mischief Night 2021.

A tremendous effort that was planned in half of the time the club usually has due to waiting on Covid permissions, Haunted Hallways 2021 was a memorable one!  The hallway leaders included:  Seniors Emi O’Neil and Hailey Lawson, Juniors Addison and Ben Auletta, Anderson Darr, Eva and Maddie O’Sullivan, Courtney Vause, Sydney Giuliano, Sydney Robison, Luis Mendez, Sara Carey and Sophomores Riley Kuever and Samantha Way.  We were also lucky to have the talents of Sean Cockley, 2019 Morgan Grad, to assist in planning and implementation.

The Slenderman hallway included a bear eating a girl, several renditions of the villian throughout the area, several at-risk children and a very scary monster hiding behind a tree!  The It Hallway began with poor Georgie chasing his paper boat and being grabbed by Pennywise into the drain!  Many friends were desperately looking for Georgie and ended up in the sewers- hearing the dreaded phrase “You’ll float too!”  Red balloons reminded attendees that Pennywise was close by- and sure enough, two renditions of the clown left us screaming!  After a quick walk through some sticky cobwebs guided by two brave Eliot REACT volunteers, we encountered a barnyard scene.  We navigated some narrow passages and scary clowns, farmers, and a loud crow provided scares until we encountered the killer pig (“What have you done!”) and a terrific chain-saw toting butcher!  Escaping from the farm scene led attendees into the Conjuring, where two evil nuns provided good scares, along with unexpected jump and crawl scares along the walls.  Two bed scenes let us know that evil possessions were in place, and some loud prayers begged for help from above to save the innocent.  The final scene was Nightmare on Elm Street, which was fraught with fear that Freddie was in there somewhere!  A creative furnace, a bed scene with the person being pulled through the headboard, and plenty of victims added to the scary scene.  Girls playing “outside” were a good scare before the dreaded Freddie Kruger appeared!

The entire experience was completely planned by the students in only 4 weeks.  The money from admissions will support the PIC Scholarship fund as well as Clinton Social Services.

Thanks to parents who lent time, costumes, trees, pop up tents, a bed!!, and support.  We couldn’t do it without you!  Also thanks to our partnership with Clinton Public Schools that allows the club to use the high school for this event!  Enjoy Kim Inglis’s photos (click link for more)!  You can also view our full video of our event here.