Morgan REACT’s 3rd Annual Haunted Hallways were a success! Held on Sunday October 27, the halls of the Morgan School were turned into a Haunted Carnival by fifty REACT members. Many of the expected carnival sites could be seen: a bearded lady, a tattooed woman, a snake charmer, and gypsy fortune tellers. On the more bizarre side, attendees viewed multiple victims of the world’s largest spider, a woman serving and eating “finger” food, a vampire kissing booth, chilling clowns, and half human- half animals that were being “tamed” by an animal tamer!

Since September, REACT has spent every meeting planning for Haunted Hallways. The larger group divided into four different hallway teams, and each team chose a theme and or characters to enact. Some hallways were well lit and featured the characters listed above (and others!) while other hallways were dim or very black! The final hallway included pitch blackness, and the walls closed in as the attendees proceeded down the hall! Frightening scarers jumped out at participants and elicited numerous screams of fear!

The admission fee of either $3 or 3 canned items for the Clinton Food Pantry was a huge bargain in comparison with some other Haunted events running locally. The REACT group brought in $400 and over 100 lbs of food for Clinton Social Services! A great time was enjoyed by all and we look forward to another eerie event next year! Thank you to all who came out to support REACT!

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