Mrs. Claus and some elves from REACT

Hayden stamps an Elf playing card while his brother Anderson watches

After 2 years of not hosting our Elf on Shelf game during Christmas in Clinton (bad weather and Covid), REACT members were out in force on 12/5/21 to bring the game back to Christmas in Clinton 2021!  With more than 30 Eliot and Morgan REACT members signed up to help, the activity was quite a success!  Game players followed the clues written by Morgan members to try to figure out where each elf was hiding:  Amy’s Learning, Cindy Stevens Art, the Town Hall Green Room, the Stanton House and Santa’s Workshop.  At each location the player received a holiday stamp on their playing card from a REACT member, and at the end, could turn in their playing card for small gifts and crafts.  Morgan REACT members also provided guidance with making these crafts as well as covid-friendly hand painting!  A huge thank you too, to Peg Abbott for standing in as Mrs. Claus this year in Santa’s Workshop!  We know that Mr. and Mrs. Claus are busy in December so it was so kind of you to help them out!

PIC is very proud of how many of our Clinton students volunteered their time this year to make Elf on the Shelf happen.  We have much to be proud of in our community and our students prove it daily!


Mrs. Claus gets gift ideas from a young workshop visitors

Mrs. Claus gets gift ideas from a young workshop visitor

Anderson and Hayden Darr help at Christmas in Clinton 2021

Courtney Vause and Anderson Darr host Elf on the Shelf

Ryker V displays his awesome elf dance!

Maddie S and Ryker V enjoy some hand painting time

Addison seems very interested in Andy’s snack!

Shaylah and a young friend hand paint

Eliot REACT members Rayna and Ryker and their sister display some great hand painting