Asset #2: Positive Family Communication

Positive family communication is a young person and her or his parent(s) communicating positively, and the young person is willing to seek out parent(s) advice and counsel. This asset also goes hand in hand with Asset #11: Family Boundaries. Family boundaries occurs when the family has clear rules and consequences, and monitors the young person’s

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07: Community Values Youth

Simply stated, a community that values its young people values its future. The ways in which we partner with our youth to dream together and to work alongside each other to accomplish both community and individual goals are the ways we ensure that Clinton enjoys a healthy future.

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14: Adult Role Models

What exactly is an adult role model? Well, most teenagers just want and need someone to listen to them and occasionally offer advice. Also they look for someone who can encourage them to pursue their passions, listen to their options, problems, and stories without judging them, provide insight when it is needed or is asked

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