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Clinton Planning & Zoning Votes to Prohibit Cannabis Retail in Town

At the 9/13/21 Public Hearing of the Planning & Zoning Commission, all Commission members but one voted against allowing cannabis businesses in Clinton. The hearing opened with a straight forward statement of opposition to cannabis businesses from Police Chief Vin DeMaio.  Citing the blatant law enforcement restrictions within the marijuana law, the expansion of black

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Signs of Teenage Depression

Is your teen unmotivated and disinterested in school and extracurriculars? Are you a teen who would rather be sleeping than “doing things” in your community? Has this been described as the typical teenager who just doesn’t care? There could be a lot more going on in this scenario than just a teen who seems

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Therapy Dogs at Morgan Help Reduce Stress

This school year on the first Wednesday of every month, teams of therapy dogs and their handlers from Connecticut's Pet Partners visit Morgan during the X-block period. The dogs come in and are available throughout the upper hub, the lower hub, and in the faculty lounge for students to sit with, pet, and just generally

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