At the 2021 Annual Meeting of the CT Association of Prevention Professionals, Shelby Auletta was recognized for her many years of service to Partners in Community.  Shelby has been involved with PiC’s efforts for more than 6 years, alongside her offspring who are REACT leaders!  (Sarah was REACT president and a Peer Assistant in 2020 and 2021, Ben and Addison are Peer Assistants to PIC now, and Drew is a new REACT member this year!)  Shelby has dedicated time to prevention by attending CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) conference in Washington DC, serves on the PIC coalition, continues to be active on Friends of Joel, and is a board member of Clinton Human Services.  Shelby has contributed to creating PIC’s strategic plan to address prevention in Clinton, analyzing data and providing a parent’s perspective on developing Clinton’s logic models, which have helped us to understand the “why” of Clinton’s substance use.  Shelby is a reliable, knowledgeable and dedicated team member and we are so proud that the state of CT thinks so too!!

Shelby is pictured here with her daughter Sarah and husband Mark