What does the survey information mean? What can we do?

In October of 2021, Eliot 7 & 8th graders and all Morgan students took a survey created by PIC that looked at attitudes and behaviors around substance use and mental health. PIC has been administering this type of survey of students in collaboration with Clinton Schools since 2005, tracking the various trends around alcohol, marijuana,

Parent Shelby Auletta is Recognized for Prevention Efforts by CAPP

At the 2021 Annual Meeting of the CT Association of Prevention Professionals, Shelby Auletta was recognized for her many years of service to Partners in Community.  Shelby has been involved with PiC's efforts for more than 6 years, alongside her offspring who are REACT leaders!  (Sarah was REACT president and a Peer Assistant in 2020

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Clinton Planning & Zoning Votes to Prohibit Cannabis Retail in Town

At the 9/13/21 Public Hearing of the Planning & Zoning Commission, all Commission members but one voted against allowing cannabis businesses in Clinton. The hearing opened with a straight forward statement of opposition to cannabis businesses from Police Chief Vin DeMaio.  Citing the blatant law enforcement restrictions within the marijuana law, the expansion of black

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